My clients say…

“Having tried various talk therapies over the years, I didn’t find any really addressed my underlying core struggles with cPTSD. I tried EMDR with Angela and found it to be the key to addressing those lingering invasive trauma symptoms.

Angela was very knowing and understanding without pushing me beyond what I was able to cope with throughout our sessions.

She has provided me with the key tools to use for whenever I need them, and helped me to achieve my goal.”


Trauma therapy Winchester

“Angela Marston has helped me beyond my expectations! After an accident that left me with life changing injuries I lost my confidence and felt there was no way to change how I was feeling but after working with Angela I have regained confidence and feel I’m getting back on track.”

Low self-confidence counselling

“Hi Angela,

I hope this testimonial will be of use.

Angela has helped me through a very difficult time. She gave me a safe place to talk, so I could say things I couldn’t say to other people. I felt she valued me and my feelings, when I was judging myself negatively. She has helped me understand myself and how my situation has affected me. I feel I can come back if I need to. Thank you so much.”

Counselling Services Winchester

“I will always be thankful that Angela came into my life when she did. My world felt like it had been turned upside down and the fall out from past trauma felt too much, I felt lost. Angela held my hope when I thought I had none and she provided me with a safe space to find myself again. I can’t thank her enough for her innate kindness and empathy, it’s an amazing thing to have someone truly listen and never judge.”